Spiral Thigh Brace (Children)


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Lightweight, cool, body hugging and looking similar to an athletic performance garment, this Spiral Thigh Brace is an ideal way to improve walking and running technique while your child feels and looks athletic in a garment that look like active wear.

The Spiral Thigh Brace is a flexible bracing garment used as a gait retraining and biofeedback tool. It is used as part of a management plan for intoeing and knock knee positions resulting from femoral anteversion or excessive femoral internal rotation of the hips and thighs.

• 7/8 length compression pants with a a series of overlaid elasticised straps.
• Stabilises the pelvis and positions the hips and thighs in a biomechanically more efficient position.
• The directional pressure reduces excessive internal rotation at the hip and works as a biofeedback tool as the child gets to experience a more normalised walking pattern.
• The garment is usually worn a minimum of 4 to 5 hours a day, in the period of the day when the child is most active, for a period of months (starting with 3 months).

Suitable as an aid to management of :

• Intoeing
• Knock knee position
• Pigeon toe
• Tip toe gait
• Mild scissoring gaits

Please refer to the size chart for more accurate fitting.