Strappal Strapping Tape


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Strappal is a strapping tape coated with a zinc oxide latex-free adhesive. The product is well tolerated by the skin. It provides:

  1. Strong and efficient stabilisation of joint
  2. Hand tearable for quick and easy
  3. The rigid fabric provides strong

Main uses:

  • Functional bandaging of injuries to muscles, ligaments and joints
  • Protecting already damaged joints as stabilising

Visit My FootDr Singapore Youtube channel for strapping techniques demonstrations.

Precautions in use:

  • Please clean the skin and remove any dirt and dust before applying the tape
  • Ensure the skin is dry before application
  • If itching results or rashes appear, immediately stop using and consult your doctor
  • Do not apply directly to wounds or open cuts


Keep away from infants and store away from direct sunlight and moisture