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    Forefoot Pain

    Forefoot Pain

    The forefoot (or ball of the foot) is made up of many small bones, muscles ligaments, tendons and other body tissues. This makes pain in this area complex to diagnose. In fact, it is well know that condition in the forefoot are often poorly diagnosed, and therefore inappropriate management provided.

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    How is Care Management for Forefoot Pain Like?

    A diagnosis must be carefully made using a thorough history and direct questioning. An expert knowledge of the anatomy of the forefoot allows an in-depth examination and the injured structure can be identified. Often our diagnosis can be as diverse as a fractured bone to an entrapped nerve.

    Again management is directed towards targeting the cause of the condition, and measures put in place to offload and distress the affected region. Sometimes semi-immobilisation is required in a short leg pneumatic walker (or soft cast), but more often it is as simple as footwear modifications and in-shoe orthoses.

    How can we help?

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    Custom Foot Orthotics

    Our custom foot orthotics are manufactured with precision from digital foot scans and are typically available on the same day.

    Thumbnail Gait Analysis-feets on a treadmill

    Video Gait Analysis

    We use this advanced form of motion analysis to assist us in diagnosing complex motion-related pathology of the foot, ankle, knee, hip, and lower back.

    Shockwave Therapy being conducted

    Shockwave Therapy

    At My Foot Dr Singapore, we use shockwave therapy to manage Achilles tendonopathy, plantar fasciitis/fasciopathy, painful trigger points, and other musculoskeletal disorders of the foot and lower limb.

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