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Ryan Harris Brisbane HeatA podiatrist is a valued member of the Allied Health profession who registered by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) to assess, diagnose and manage foot and lower limb pathologies. These problems may include skin and nail disorders, foot and ankle complaints such as injuries, arthritis, diabetic and other medical complications. Furthermore, all my FootDr podiatrists are trained to examine patients for gait disorders or problems with walking and posture.

At my FootDr, our podiatrists are closely aligned with other Allied Health practitioners, general practitioners and medical specialists. This is especially evident in our Australian Foot & Ankle Institute’s Centre of Excellence. As Australia’s largest podiatry group, we are at the forefront of podiatric footcare with our innovative medical technologies and excellent patient outcomes. In fact we have pioneered many of these care management in Australia such as the TAG Brace, fungal nail laser, Exacta3D scanning technology for custom footwear and extracorporeal shockwave therapy.

A referral is not needed to see one of our practitioners unless you require one for insurance purposes. In this case, you will need to visit your GP so that they can write a referral letter to us before coming in.

General consultations and care management cover a wide scope of foot problems, including:

  • Footcare (thickened nails, calluses, corns ingrown nails etc)
  • Diabetic foot screening and assessments (including digital circulation tests and neurological checks)
  • Wax baths for extremely dry skin
  • Warts, tinea and other skin pathology

Biomechanical consultations and care management are undertaken for patients facing structural and functional foot problems, such as muscle injuries, or overly high or low arches.

General consultations and care management will be undertaken for patients who face any non-biomechanical foot problems, such as dermatological issues and diabetic foot care.

Our team of podiatrists regularly attend ongoing education courses and seminars in order to stay at the top of their profession and provide you with the very best podiatric care that you deserve. This along with our innovative clinical systems ensure all care management meet the highest standards and our friendly and competent administrative staff are well trained to ensure that every aspect of your footcare is to your satisfaction.

Foot Scan being conductedInitial biomechanical consultations take about an hour to complete and involve a thorough taking of history, extensive physical and stance assessment (standing, walking and lying down), as well as comprehensive video gait analysis reporting.

In some cases this may include revision of previous diagnostic tests (x-ray, CT scan or MRI), and digital 3D scanning of the contours of the feet for custom foot orthotic fabrication. Patients leave the centre with a compiled biomechanical report folder that contains the video gait analysis reports, exercise instruction sheets, brochures and recommendations which may include footwear referrals.

If you have been referred to the centre, this information is also forwarded to the referrer along with a comprehensive letter of care management. Most patients are amazed at the level of clinical detail strive for in order to provide the best service and care management available.

The foot has a pretty important job to do. It has to absorb the impact of our body weight thousands of times a day, potentially receiving up to 3-4 times that depending on the activity, such as running.

That’s a big job for a relatively small body part. The feet also have to transmit the energy that we generate to push us forward when we walk, into the ground. They slow us down then speed us up every time we take a step. Feet also have to help us balance on uneven ground and help us to stand still. Your feet can bend, twist and adapt to uneven or flat ground.

Imagine if you had stiff wooden feet that didn’t move – you would probably fall over a lot. The arches in your feet along with the bones and musculature act as your own personal suspension system. Take great care of them.

As our clinic has custom foot orthotic laboratory systems on-site, we can make your custom foot orthotics within hours of your first visit, depending on the time of your appointment and our schedule that day. With My Foot Dr Singapore, you no longer have to wait weeks for a traditional plaster cast, and can walk out with your new orthotics already fitted to your shoes!

Poorly fitted school shoes can affect the growth of a child’s feet and can cause problems with their gait, balance and posture. The average child spends over 1000 hours a year in their school shoes, so it is imperative that they wear appropriate, well fitted shoes.

Follow our tips to help pick the right shoe for your child and if you have any questions ask one of our friendly podiatrists or shoe fitting specialists.

Check to make sure that the child’s longest toe (this may not be the big toe) is about a child’s thumb width from the end of the shoe to make sure there is some room for them to grow. Any more than a thumbs width and the shoe can be too long.

Make sure the shoe is broad enough and the right shape to fit the child’s foot, too narrow and the shoes can cause blisters, too wide and they will not offer enough support.

Make sure the shoe isn’t too tight across the top of the child’s foot, this can lead to discomfort.

Make sure that the shoe fits snugly against the child’s heel without being too tight or loose.

Ankle Support
Make sure the shoe fits snugly around the ankle but doesn’t rub too much on the ankle. Make sure that when fastened the shoe provides a good grip around the foot.

Last but not least watch your child go for a walk in their new shoes, making sure the child can walk normally and that the shoe is not slipping around the heel.

We are unfortunately unable to provide direct billing options with insurance companies in Singapore. However, we can write letters of diagnosis and fill out insurance claim forms so that patients can file claims with their insurance companies directly.

If you have more queries, please do not hesitate to drop by our clinic or contact us.

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