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    Custom Footwear

    Custom Footwear

    We have the experience and the refined skills required for any custom footwear project. Whether it is custom-made medical grade footwear, elegant and stylish custom-made fashion shoes, orthopaedic or fashion sandals through to any footwear modification imaginable, we’ve got it covered.

    Orthotic Sandals with arch support are available on our online store ready to purchase.

    Brown Suede Boots With Orthotics customised insole

    Types of Footwear Modifications

    Some of our footwear modifications include full sole build-ups (custom foot orthotics), heel raises, relasting, shoe stretching, medial and lateral flares and buttressing, offloading poron-filled apertures, carbon fibre stiffening, cricket and golf shoe spiking, sports shoe adjustments and every type of rocker sole imaginable.

    Exacta3d Custom Black Shoes Orthotics customised insole

    What MyFootDr Can Do for Your Foot Condition?

    We can custom make medical grade footwear for diabetic Charcot’s feet, and we make individual lasts for our customers and patients. Sometimes, we can even save our customers money by modifying an existing extra-depth medical grade shoe.

    Some of our patients include members of the Australian cricket team, overseas dignitaries, patients with diabetic ulcers, and customers who need orthopaedic footwear but want them to look like regular fashion shoes.

    My Pedotrist Exacta3d Custom Black Boots with customised insole

    We can make custom footwear for children, and those with gait disorders caused by cerebral palsy and other neurological disorders. We also manage a lot of patients with severe orthopaedic deformities and fractures of the foot and lower limbs that require special modifications to their footwear such as heel build ups, and even full custom-made boots.

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