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    Orthotic Skate Supports

    Custom Solutions for Enhanced Skating Performance

    Two feet from behind, one ill aligned one well aligned thanks to orthotics

    At My FootDr Singapore, we specialize in creating custom orthotic skate supports tailored to your unique foot structure. Our orthotics are designed to provide optimal support and alignment, redistributing ground forces to alleviate pain and enhance comfort within your skates. Proper foot placement promotes correct knee and hip alignment, improving balance, edge quality, and power while reducing the risk of injuries.

    Graphic of injuries sustained through ill fitting ice skates

    Who Would Benefit?

    Orthotic skate supports can benefit a wide range of skaters, regardless of foot shape or dynamics. Here's how they can help:

    • Flat or Low Arches: Skaters with flat or low arches often overpronate, causing the foot to roll inward. This can lead to pressure and pain in areas such as the navicular bone, inside ankle bone, and the pinky toe. Balancing on blades can be difficult, compromising speed and power. Custom orthotic inserts with appropriate arch support and heel wedging can provide relief, improve alignment, and enhance performance.
    • High, Inflexible Arches: SThose with high arches may experience discomfort on the outside of the foot due to lack of contact between the foot and the skate boot. Our orthotics are designed to fill this gap, providing enhanced support and limiting outward heel rotation, resulting in better balance and comfort.
    • Medium Arch Height: Even skaters with a well-balanced foot structure can benefit from the added support and comfort that custom orthotics provide. They help maintain optimal alignment and prevent potential issues, ensuring peak performance.

    Muscle-Specific Exercises

    While orthotic skate supports are highly beneficial, they should be complemented with muscle-specific exercises. Strengthening the hip stabilizers and core muscles is crucial for maintaining lower body alignment and maximizing the benefits of orthotics. We recommend consulting a sports professional for a tailored exercise program.

    Types of Orthotic Skate Supports

    We offer a variety of orthotic skate supports to meet the needs of different skaters:

    • Pre-Fabricated Orthotics: These are available in standard sizes and can be trimmed to fit your skates. Ideal for those with minor alignment issues, they provide essential support at an affordable price.
    • Training Orthotics: For beginner skaters, especially younger athletes, our soft training orthotics offer comfort and stability, easing the transition to new skates.
    • Customized Sports Orthotics: For high-level competitive skaters and those with significant alignment issues, our customized orthotics provide advanced support. These orthotics feature high-quality materials that enhance edge feel, propulsion, and shock absorption, improving both performance and comfort.
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    At My FootDr Singapore, we are committed to providing the best foot health solutions for skaters. Our custom orthotic skate supports are crafted to meet your specific needs, helping you achieve optimal performance and overall well-being.

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    Why Choose My FootDr Singapore?

    Our clinic combines cutting-edge technology with expert knowledge to provide the highest quality orthotic solutions. Our team of experienced podiatrists ensures that each orthotic is perfectly tailored to your foot, offering unmatched comfort and support. Visit us at My FootDr Singapore and take the first step towards better foot health and skating performance today.

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