Making High Heels More Comfortable

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    Do you experience pain when wearing your heels? Do your feet ache after walking a short distance? Did you know you can wear high heels with increase comfort – it just takes a little know-how – or a good podiatrist. Of course, high heels are bad for your feet regardless of what we do and can lead to foot problems including pain under the ball of the foot, heel pain, bunion pain and toe pain. But high heels accentuate the female form, give you the added height and confidence and can also be very attractive shoes for work, functions and fun. If you want to wear them, why not increase your comfort levels and do so in comfort.  We can also help to make your heels “healthier” and decrease the pain you are feeling.

    There are several ways to increase comfort levels:

    1. Firstly, choose heels that are “healthier” for your feet.
      1. broader in the toe box rather than pointed
      2. wedges instead of stilettos
      3. the lower the height of the heel the more comfortable they will be
    2. Secondly, add something into the heels that transfers force away from the ball of your foot and back into the arch and heel
    3. Thirdly is to add something in your heels that provides extra cushioning.

    Bring Your Heels Into Our Podiatrists For a Review

    Make an appointment with our podiatry team and then bring your favourite heels my FootDr Singapore podiatry clinics so we can evaluate the heels and how they fit your feet. Our podiatrists will then give you suggestions on how to make your favourite heels “healthier” for your feet and more comfortable to wear.

    Custom Orthotics for High Heels

    Research shows the most effective way of decreasing pain and pressure on the ball of the foot and heel is to use a custom made pair of orthotics.  These help to redistribute the pressure off of the painful areas, provide extra cushioning under the forefoot and helps improve biomechanical function and alignment.  Our podiatrists take 3D scans of the shape of your feet and prescribe a pair of custom made, 3D printed orthotics that are designed to fit perfectly in your favourite pair of high heels.

    Pre-fabricated Orthotics

    Vasyli Custom Slimfits

    Vasyli Custom Slimfits

    Vasyli Custom Slimfits are great prefabricated orthotics for women’s high heels with a heel counter or even high heeled boots. These help by transferring force off of the ball of the foot and the heel and back into the arch. They also help to reduce pain. By improving body alignment and balance they also assist with reducing fatigue, lower leg and back pain.

    McConnel Slimfits

    McConnel Slimfits applications

    The McConnel Slimfit prefabricated orthotics have an adhesive bottom that allows them to fit into heels that have sling-backs or are back-less. These like the Vasyli custom slimfits, help by transferring force off of the ball of the foot and the heel back into the arch. They also help to reduce pain. By improving body alignment and balance, they also assist with reducing fatigue, lower leg and back pain.

    Cushioned Pads, Silicon Pads, Forefoot Cushions

    Silicon Pads Cushioned Pads, Forefoot Cushions

    A simple method to help with pain in the forefoot is a cushion. These are not nearly as effective as custom orthotics or prefabricated orthotics, but they are inexpensive and can be a good way to start. The best devices available are those made of silicone materials. Our podiatrists at my FootDr can also help make custom silicon inserts.

    More Comfortable High Heels

    There are many brands on the market that make heels that are more comfortable and “healthier” for you feet. Some examples include Ziera (available from a shop called “The Shoe Co.”) and Not (available from a shop called “Arch Angle”).

    Another group of high-heels incorporates a product called Insolia. This acts like an in-built orthotic. Insolia products change the inside of high heel, shifting weight off the ball of the foot and back to the heel. It actually feels like you are wearing much lower heels and the weight shift can improve body alignment and balance reducing leg and lower back fatigue while reducing pressure on the ball of the foot. There are several shoe manufacturers using Insolia technology, including: DKNY and Nordstrom.

    Insolia technology - how it works

    The take home message here is do not let your feet suffer. Our podiatrists at my FootDr Singapore can help you wear the shoes you want to wear in comfort. Call or Whatsapp my FootDr Singapore for an appointment and be sure to bring in your favourite high heels.

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