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Matthew Herd

Director & Principal Podiatrist

Professional Qualifications

B. Podiatry

Professional Experience

After graduating from the Queensland University of Technology in Australia with a degree in podiatry, Matt relocated to Singapore where he has been practising for the past 18 years. His extensive work experience spans across various parts of Asia, including Malaysia, Indonesia, and China.

Matt's impressive professional background includes working at reputable institutions such as Alexandra Hospital, Diabetes Society of Singapore, and National University Hospital before venturing into private practice. In 2012, he founded My FootDr Singapore where he currently practises. Matt's wealth of experience in podiatry covers a broad spectrum, but he has a particular interest in sports podiatry, biomechanics, running, and paediatric podiatry.

Matt's expertise in podiatry extends beyond sports and paediatric podiatry, as he has extensive experience in diabetic wound care and a comprehensive understanding of diabetes and its complications. He brings a functional and holistic approach to his patient care, providing comprehensive care management that addresses both the immediate concerns and long-term goals.

Aside from his professional qualifications, Matt has a passion for fitness and is a dedicated athlete who trains daily. He is an accomplished crossfit athlete, regularly competing in triathlons and long-distance running events across Australasia. Recently, he has also started participating in adventure races and has a keen interest in cycling and bike setup.

Matt's commitment to his patients is unwavering, and he has been managing patients since 2006. Matt's dedication to his patients is evident in his commitment to ongoing education and professional development. In addition to his podiatry qualifications, he has completed various courses ranging from personal training to functional medicine, paediatric development, nutrition and diet, and supplementation. This diverse skill set enables him to provide a well-rounded approach to patient care, addressing not only their podiatric needs but also their overall health and well-being.

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