How Long Have You Been Wearing Your Orthotics?

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    Ensure your feet are optimally supported by your orthotics!

    Did you know that your orthotics should be examined on an annual basis even if they are comfortable?

    Just like your feet, your orthotics will change over time and need to be maintained for effectiveness in complementing your foot function.

    Yearly reviews are recommended, although you may want to come in earlier in certain situations.

    For kids – while their feet keep growing, the position of the joints changes and the orthotics no longer control the specific joint segments required for good biomechanical efficiency after awhile.

    Children under 6 years old are recommended to have their orthotics reviewed every 6-9 months.


    My FootDr podiatrists will follow up on the progression of your care management and examine the condition of your orthotics.

    They will repair and modify your orthotics on the spot. If it is time for a new pair of orthotics, our podiatrists will be able to perform the measurement scans during the review session.

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