Why Cycling Orthotics Will Help Optimise Your Performance!

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    Orthotics made for cycling are different from those designed for daily activities or running. Because walking is a heel-strike activity, orthotics are designed to support the feet from heel strike through to toe off. Cycling is a forefoot activity. It’s the ball of the foot that receives the majority of the load and feels pressure from the pedal.

    Orthotics made for cycling, therefore, must be “forefoot posted”. The hindfoot of the orthotics will be a very low profile. Materials used in cycling orthotics are generally very light.

    What are the Benefits of Cycling Orthotics?

    A cycling orthotic helps improve the biomechanical alignment of the lower limb and foot to achieve a more linear cycling motion. Think about how a piston moves. Any deviation away from its plane of motion causes a dissipation of force. Cycling orthotics achieve greater force transference by reducing tibial rotation or twisting of the foot whilst in the cycling shoe. The orthotic supports the foot to allow it to become a more rigid lever and enable optimum power transfer from shoe to pedal.

    cobra 9 pro
    With each pedal stroke the support of an insole alters the dynamics of the foot pronation which subsequently reduces the amount of “wobble” in the knees thereby improving alignment and efficiency.

    Cycling orthotics are custom made (often carbon fibre) insoles that are specifically designed for cycling. They also have the ability to reduce forefoot pressure and pressure on the toes by appropriately re-distributing the forces throughout foot. This is very effective at eliminating that painful burning sensation cyclists get in their feet when they ride.

    Cycling Biomechanical Assessment and the Making of Custom Cycling Orthotics

    Your bike and cycling shoes will be needed for our podiatrist to assess and design your orthotics. The cycling assessment involves a bike screening procedure that looks at how your body moves, muscle length-tension relationships, bike set up, ergonomics on the bike, and available joint range of motion of certain joints required to be efficient on your bike. A bike fit will also be performed to look at how your bike is set for you.

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    Your bike and cycling shoes will be needed for our podiatrist to assess and design your orthotics. Marking of foot joints and shoes
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    Cycling gait analysis video A bike fit will be performed
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    Cycling orthotics in the making Podiatrist checking on cycling gaits and posture during orthotics fitting

    Give us a call at 6836 8144 if you would like to find out more about our cycling analysis and cycling orthotics services. My FootDr podiatrists are highly trained and skilled at managing and resolving foot and lower limb conditions holistically.

    Why Cycling Orthotics Will Help Optimise Your Performance!

    Table of Contents

      Cycling Orthotics

      Cycling Cyclists with a car behind them

      If you want to get the most out of your cycling then a podiatry check at my FootDr is essential. At my FootDr, our cycling assessment ethos is by cyclists for cyclists, so you will only be seen by a road cyclist and senior podiatrist that knows your sport. Cycling isn’t just a sport that involves a lot of repetitive strain, it is a culture and a way of life. That’s why you can’t afford to be off the bike! If you are an up and coming young rider looking for a competitive edge, or more of a coffee shop rider looking for ultimate comfort and injury prevention for cycling orthotics, we can help.

      Cobra9 Pro Cycling Orthotics

      Benefits of Cycling Orthotics

      • Increased power and torque in the push phase.
      • Relieves plantar fascial tension.
      • More even force distribution.
      • Improves shoe comfort and fit, supporting all three arches of the foot.
      • Extremely light, thin and durable carbon fibre construction, custom made for your shoe and foot mechanics.
      • Can manage forefoot pain, burning and numbness.
      • Helps with crank rub and knee positioning.
      • Improves overall cycling performance.
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      Approved Dealer

      my FootDr podiatry centres is an accredited partner of several cycling orthotics brands. We specialise in fitting these high qualities, performance-enhancing orthotics. As the orthotic devices are fully custom made, they may qualify for health insurance rebates and in many cases our patients have only a small out-of-pocket expense. Ian Goodchild, senior podiatrist and experienced road cyclist at the Australian Foot & Ankle Institute at our Camp Hill podiatry centre heads up a team of sports podiatrists specifically trained in fitting carbon cycling orthotics.

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