Lower Back Pain

Lower Back Pain

It is said that up to 70% of the population will suffer from lower back pain at some stage in their lives. There can many causes of low back pain. These may be osseous (bony), neuropathic (nerve damage) or soft tissue. One of the major causes of lower back pain is incorrect positioning of the pelvis during walking, and this is very often due to foot posture and problems with foot and leg function.

Common Causes

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Excessive Pronation

Abnormal pronation, or “flat feet” as they are commonly referred to, causes various rotations throughout the legs during the walking cycle. The end result of these rotations can be a forward tilt of the pelvis, which in turn increases the curvature of the spine and places strain on the muscles and ligaments of the lower back.

Asymmetrical Movement of the Feet

If one foot is rolling in or out significantly further than the other, not only is there an increased curvature through the lower back, but a pelvic tilt can result. This can lead to scoliosis (a curvature of the spine), and once again places strain on the associated muscles and ligaments.

Care Management

Orthotic Therapy

This is necessary to balance the feet and control abnormal motion, thus assisting in stabilising the pelvis and enhancing the normal function of the spine.

Physiotherapy / Chiropractic / Occupational Therapy

Consulting with a chiropractor, physiotherapist or occupational therapist may also be required. This care management will be recommended as part of your care management program, depending on each individual’s situation.

Stretching / Strengthening Exercises

These are often prescribed as part of your care management program.

Footwear Changes

Your footwear is reviewed to ensure there is no aggravation of your symptoms.

How can we help?

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Custom Foot Orthotics

Our custom foot orthotics are manufactured with precision from digital foot scans and are typically available on the same day.

Thumbnail Gait Analysis-feets on a treadmill

Video Gait Analysis

We use this advanced form of motion analysis to assist us in diagnosing complex motion-related pathology of the foot, ankle, knee, hip, and lower back.

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