My Child’s Feet Have Outgrown their Orthotics, What Do We Do?

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    We all know kids’ feet grow fast especially for children under 12 years old. To maintain the effectiveness of the corrections, not only will they need bigger shoes but they will need readjusted orthotics as well.

    At My FootDr, we can extend children’s orthotics. Give us a call and bring in the current orthotics and new shoes, and our lab technician will work his magic!

    A review every 6 months – 1 year with a podiatrist is highly recommended for children with growing feet. The positions of the joints change and after a while, the orthotics may not control the specific joint segments required for good biomechanical efficiency. Children under 6 years old are recommended to have their orthotics reviewed every 6 to 9 months.

    MyFootDr podiatrists will follow up on the progression of your child’s care management and examine the condition of his/her orthotics.
    They will repair and modify the orthotics on the spot. If it is time for a new pair of orthotics, our podiatrists will be able to perform the measurement scans during the review session.

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